Alex Meredith


Thanks to everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout this campaign.  The full result was: Ed Vaizey (Con) 31,092 53.3% Stephen Webb (Lab) 9,343 16.0% Alex Meredith (LD) 7,611 13.1% Lee Upcraft (UKIP) 7,288 12.5% Kate Prendergast (Grn) 2,986 5.1% It was a disappointing result for me and my party, but I am very proud of the campaign we fought.  In particular I have tried to highlight key local issues,… Read More

On the eve of the poll, here’s my video message – vote Lib Dem for localism, the environment, education and a government rooted in the radical centre ground:

Being an election candidate is a wonderful privilege, but at times it’s frustrating.  Whether on the doorstep, or at a hustings or in a leaflet, it’s difficult to get the full message across.  I’ve found that in relation to planning reform, so I thought I’d elaborate here. There is no doubt that the failure of the planning system is the number one issue coming up on the doorstep. I agree that the… Read More

My Election Address has started hitting doormats across Oxfordshire (thanks to the marvellous Royal Mail). Some households will be receiving something else later in the campaign so I wanted to share the address here.  It sets out some of the key reasons to support me and the Liberal Democrats on May 7th.  It also offers a taste of my vision for Britain that I’d work to deliver as MP for Wantage, Didcot,… Read More

During my time as a candidate I have received most emails about crossing out cancer.  Given the news on Wednesday that the lifetime risk of getting cancer has increased to 1/2 that is perhaps not surprising.   However since it is a disease of which I have mercifully had very little direct experience I needed to understand the issues facing prevention and treatment better. Thankfully, a wonderful local Cancer Research UK Ambassador, Sue… Read More

Another major road is about to be closed in Oxfordshire.  This time the plan is to close Steventon High Street for 10 months while the charming Victorian brickwork is  replaced with a generic modernist eyesore.   The closure will bring enormous hardship to local people and businesses, harm that could be mitigated by sensible planning and coordination. Yet, instead of reopening a disused slip-road of the A34 to relieve the pressure; Oxfordshire… Read More