Alex Meredith


Today’s announcement that Hinkley C has been given the green light is good news.   We will still need base-load power in the 2020s and nuclear is the cleanest and most reliable source of those precious electrons. The trouble is that it’s late.  Very late.  All the projections suggest that 2015-20 will be a difficult period for UK power capacity.  By 2020 it is hoped that energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable and… Read More

After all the talk of energy shortages and black-outs over the past week, I thought it’s time to take a more positive look at the energy policy horizon.  I’ve picked out a couple of highlights that might help us keep the faith through the long nights huddled around candles rubbing flints together: i) London Array – the world’s biggest offshore wind farm – was officially opened today by David Cameron.  It’s only… Read More