Alex Meredith


There is a lot of talk about lack of engagement in politics and a failure by politicians to get out and speak to voters. I want to change that in Wantage.  That is why I visited so many of the communities in the constituency in a 100 mile odyssey on 26th March.  And to show my commitment to sustainability and investment in cycling, I did it on my bike!  It was called… Read More

The petition against the closure of the A417 (with over 1000 signatures) was presented to Oxfordshire County Council at a packed public meeting on 22nd July.  A very constructive discussion followed. In particular, some important new details came to light: – a second road bridge at Challow would cost £1.4m more than the closure solution, for which Network Rail does not have funding sanctioned by its regulator.  To challenge this we need… Read More

Network Rail has released its formal application for closure of the A417. The NR proposal raises a number of important questions: 1. The closure is scheduled for 6th September for ‘approximately 4 months’. The lack of certainty is ominous – how confident are Network Rail that they can complete the works within the four months (which already seems excessive)? 2. The diversion plans show (as expected) that the main diversion will be… Read More

Faringdon’s roads are in a dreadful state.  They are dangerous for cyclists, and damaging to vehicles.  We are working hard to persuade Oxfordshire County Council to mend the holes in our roads.  Unfortunately OCC have told us that they are prioritising other parts of the county.  So there are no plans for work to be done in Faringdon in the near future. To try and persuade OCC to do something in Faringdon,… Read More