Alex Meredith


You don’t need to buy The Daily Mail to get hold of the priceless banter on its opinion pages;  it shouts abuse at you across the newsagent; it bellows out bile from petrol station forecourts; it downloads its distress onto your smartphone.  It’s an addictive dose of comedy, parody and parallel reality.   One editorial column caught my eye recently, included the following line: ‘in the depths of this rapidly worsening economic crisis……this…….. Read More

BBC political editor Nick Robinson characteristically signed off his report on the death of Margaret Thatcher today by trying to sum up the Iron Lady with one word. I, perhaps simplistically, had expected him to say ‘Thatcherism’.   But Nick has too much brainpower trapped inside his encyclopaedic-earthworm head to waste licence-fee payer’s money by stating the bleeding obvious. He chose instead to encapsulate Thatcher with the word ‘belief’. My only complaint with… Read More