Alex Meredith


Decarbonisation is an ugly, overweight word.  On twitter it is cut to ‘decarb’; like a statutory pasta rationing regime.  But for green groups, it’s the rationing of targets not tagliatelle that is causing stomachs to rumble. Not satisfied with emissions targets for 2050 and 2020, binding carbon budgets, EU renewables targets and global emissions pledges, some environmentalists are demanding another helping of targets.  Or perhaps this is the icing on a layered… Read More

Green Revolution comes to Aberthaw Big news from RWE that they have started Carbon Capture and Storage at their coal-fired power station at Aberthaw! The numbers are small, but this could be the start of something very exciting.  Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the game-changing technology that could dramatically impact our ability to slow or partially prevent catastrophic climate change. Estimates suggest that there is space for 1000s of gigatonnes of… Read More