Alex Meredith


People often ask, why get involved in politics?  One reason is because it allows me to meet and speak to so many people.  That is why I love campaigning – the opportunity to hear more stories, pick up more experiences and help develop ideas for new solutions. An election is exactly that experience for me, a chance to knock on more doors, meet more people in Cardiff and beyond and hear what… Read More

It was Theresa May who famously pleaded that “nothing has changed” when her election campaign came off the rails in 2017. Parliament just delivered the same message to Jester Johnson – you can bluster and bluff till you’re blue in the face but nothing in parliament has changed. Our nation is still a Parliamentary Democracy and if you don’t have the numbers, if your arguments aren’t good enough to win over MPs… Read More

One of the proudest moments of my life was singing the Olympic Anthem at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony.  Being part of that event was a great privilege as it showcased  the modern, outward-looking, engaged, thoughtful and successful nation that we are.  A bright future lay ahead. Some of the shine of 2012 has been rubbed off by political failures that have sown division and discord.  We have failed to address core… Read More

I will admit that I expected Remain to win the EU Referendum in 2016.  I was convinced that the economic arguments for greater trade, investment and jobs within the EU would prevail over the emotional calls for sovereignty and control that the Leave side put forward. I got it very wrong. Waking on 24th June and hearing the result, I felt the pain in my heart not my head. My immediate thoughts… Read More

I can remember my first science project when I started comprehensive school in 1991. It was to look at the way carbon dioxide caused the greenhouse effect.  I was no scientist (and am still not!) but the simple explanation of the insulating effect of CO2 and the resultant global warming made sense.  The more I thought about it the more illogical it seemed that we would voluntarily drive our species (and every… Read More