Planning Reform Roadshow

On the doorstep there is no doubt that the number one issue in our community is the planning free-for-all under the national planning policy framework.

I want to reform the planning system to put local communities back in control.

I have a specific set of proposals put forward by Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland and backed by CPRE.  These proposals will prioritise brownfield sites, end land-banking by developers,  give local plans a chance, reengage with local people, protect local assets and end the tyranny of centrally imposed targets.

I want to discuss these proposals with you.  Therefore I’m taking my message on planning on the road.  Come to one of my public meetings that will be dotted around the constituency (all starting at 8pm):

Monday 27th April – Harwell Village Hall

Tuesday 28th April – Southmoor Village Hall

Thursday 30th April – Cholsey Pavilion

Friday 1st May – Shrivenham Memorial Hall

If you’re frustrated by the planning system and want to hear how we can fix it, come along to one of our meetings and help us put this right for the future!


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