My Priorities

I want to listen to members of our communities over the coming weeks as we establish what the right priorities are for the Senedd campaign next year.

However I do have themes that I want to explore that come from my experience and values as a Liberal Democrat.  Some ideas that I am looking to discuss with members will be:


  • Fighting to deliver Cardiff High Expansion on time.
  • Making sure Welsh Government funding and support reaches the most disadvantaged learners to help everyone catch up and thrive.
  • Delivering universal childcare and putting adult education and retraining at the centre of our COVID response to achieve true lifelong learning across Wales.


  • Focusing on improving air and water quality in Cardiff through reducing car reliance and investigating sewage leakage concerns at Roath lake.
  • Fighting for rapid deployment of green technologies in Cardiff for electricity, heat and transport.
  • Campaigning passionately against environmental and climate destruction locally, nationally and globally.


  • Empowering Cardiff’s citizens and businesses to achieve our potential through support for enterprise and a Universal Basic Income.
  • Radical economic and political devolution to put citizens at the heart of wealth-creation and decision-making in Cardiff, Wales and the UK
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