Alex Meredith

My name is Alex Meredith and I am a former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate .

I live in Cardiff with my wife and two daughters.

I am a solicitor working in the renewable energy industry and so am particularly passionate about renewable energy, environmental issues and sustainability

I have written a range of articles setting out some of my thoughts on local and national issues. These can be found on the Blog page or check out my Vlog for videos of me out and about campaigning.



4 Comments on “Alex Meredith

  1. I have just dips covered that you are the Lib Dem candidate in my area…Moulsford. Ed Vaizey has had discussions in our village so it would be very good if you came and met us too.
    Christine Ferry

    • Hi Christine – I’d be very keen to come and speak in Moulsford. I’ll be there on Thursday as it happens, cycling through on my Tour of Wantage Constituency. Will you be home by any chance? Alex

  2. Hi Alex,

    It would be really good to hear your views on the issue of (the lack of) school places. With new housing developments being built around many villages and no provision for new schools, this is becoming a major problem.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Cristina,

      I have come across this problem in a few places and it is a serious concern. We need to plan our communities better including investment in school buildings that will support growth in our communities. To plan more houses without school buildings seems to me to be crazy.
      Part of the problem is the lack of effective communication between OCC (schools) and VOWHDC (houses).
      We can do better and I would make sorting this mess out a top priority if elected.

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