Cardiff High Expansion Must Be Delivered by 2023

Liberal Democrats believe everyone is entitled to a first-class education.
In Cardiff Central Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for expansion of Cardiff High School to ensure that more pupils within the catchment area who choose to go to Cardiff High can get a place.
Thanks to our previous campaigns Liberal Democrats secured in 2017 a commitment from Cardiff Council to expand Cardiff High and funding was secured from Liberal Democrat Education Secretary Kirsty Williams as part of the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools programme.
However the problem of oversubscription has continued and parents and pupils were devastated to learn last year that the expansion would not be delivered until 2023. This year, yet again, over fifty children within catchment area have failed to secure a place at the school.
The expansion can not come soon enough. Yet with the difficulties presented by COVID-19 that 2023 date looks challenging. Cardiff Liberal Democrats are calling for the programme to be accelerated and have launched a petition here:
As someone who lives in the Cardiff High catchment area with three children who will all potentially face the difficulties of gaining entry to the oversubscribed school, I fully support that campaign.
Sadie School
As your candidate for Cardiff Central I would champion the Cardiff High expansion plans and ensure they are delivered as quickly as possible, and certainly not allow the programme to be delayed beyond 2023.
Let’s make a difference; let’s deliver first-class education for all.

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