To Tackle Climate Change and Air Pollution we need more Charging Points

Continuing the transport theme, members in Penylan today were highlighting the need to do more to support switching to electric vehicles (EVs).
It is clear that many people will remain reliant on cars, but by switching to EVs (and with renewable electricity delivering a third of our electricity and rising) we can combat climate change and clean up our polluted air.
People want to make that switch. However Wales has thelowest number of EV charging points per person in the UK. It’s a scandal. Emissions from transport in Wales have barely reduced in the past 30 years, and despite declaring a climate emergency the number of EV charging points in Cardiff and across Wales is pathetic.
I managed to track a couple down in Cardiff today – great to see them but a city with a population of 300,000 needs more than 50.
If we want to hit net zero emissions we have to deliver charging infrastructure that is accessible for all – whether you live in a flat, shared accommodation or have onstreet parking. EVs can not be a preserve of those wealthy enough to afford to install a charger themselves or those with designated parking space. This change needs to bring everyone in Wales along with it and happen in every community across the nation. That kind of infrastructure delivery programme needs imagination and massive investment from the Welsh Government. As such if prioritised it could deliver a much needed jobs and economic stimulus.
For 3 months we experienced what it is like to live in a city that is not smothered by air pollution. If we invest in EV charging infrastructure now, we can look forward to clean air again, as well as addressing our ongoing contribution to climate change. That is exactly the sort of change I will be fighting for as your Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate in Cardiff Central.
Let’s make a difference; let’s deliver EV charging that’s accessible to everyone.

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