Safer Cycling in our City – Getting the Balance Right

Parts of Cardiff have undergone a transformation in response to the COVID crisis.  The promotion of active travel options through introducing safe cycle lanes and pedestrianisation is very welcome.

However speaking to residents and traders it’s clear that the changes to our city present challenges in terms of maintaining footfall and ensuring the new layouts and removal of parking work for everyone:

In Roath, the balance is also challenging.  On Wellfield Road a very exciting scheme that had been promoted as improving cycle and pedestrian safety has been substantially undermined by poor communication with traders and weak enforcement.  Local people are doing a fantastic job supporting businesses but without social distancing and with such proximity to traffic it’s not clear whether the current layout is safe or sustainable:

20200721_130750Nevertheless, there are some positives.  I heard from members in Cathays today how much they welcome and support the continued roll-out of properly safe cycle lanes.  I share their enthusiasm.

However the new funding for cycle safe infrastructure from Welsh Government – a meagre £38m for the entire nation –  is completely inadequate to deliver the extensive network of improvements required to allow people to feel safe on a bike in our city.  To put this in perspective this is the same budget as is proposed for one road scheme currently being considered in Cardiff.

If selected I would prioritise securing long-term capital funding to deliver a programme of investment in a proper network of cycle lanes.

Let’s make a difference: let’s make our roads safe for cyclists.

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