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Monthly Archives: July 2020

I had some great conversations today with members in Pentwyn and Llanederyn about education.  There was some important feedback on driving up standards in schools, but the focus was not exclusively on children’s education.  Instead I spent more time discussing the need for more and better access to adult education and lifelong learning in Wales. I couldn’t agree more.  We need to look at education policy as far broader than schools.  Revolutionising… Read More

Liberal Democrats believe everyone is entitled to a first-class education. In Cardiff Central Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for expansion of Cardiff High School to ensure that more pupils within the catchment area who choose to go to Cardiff High can get a place. Thanks to our previous campaigns Liberal Democrats secured in 2017 a commitment from Cardiff Council to expand Cardiff High and funding was secured from Liberal Democrat Education Secretary… Read More

A zero-carbon future is an electric future. As well as the electric products we rely on today, in a decarbonised world we will be plugging in more electric transport, heat and industry to the grid. This switch is only possible and environmentally sound because of the rapid expansion in renewable electricity. A decade ago we could barely imagine 10% of our national electricity demand being met by renewables, yet in 2019 that… Read More

Continuing the transport theme, members in Penylan today were highlighting the need to do more to support switching to electric vehicles (EVs).   It is clear that many people will remain reliant on cars, but by switching to EVs (and with renewable electricity delivering a third of our electricity and rising) we can combat climate change and clean up our polluted air.   People want to make that switch. However Wales has… Read More

Parts of Cardiff have undergone a transformation in response to the COVID crisis.  The promotion of active travel options through introducing safe cycle lanes and pedestrianisation is very welcome. However speaking to residents and traders it’s clear that the changes to our city present challenges in terms of maintaining footfall and ensuring the new layouts and removal of parking work for everyone: In Roath, the balance is also challenging.  On Wellfield Road… Read More