United to #StoptheCoup

It was Theresa May who famously pleaded that “nothing has changed” when her election campaign came off the rails in 2017.

Parliament just delivered the same message to Jester Johnson – you can bluster and bluff till you’re blue in the face but nothing in parliament has changed.

Our nation is still a Parliamentary Democracy and if you don’t have the numbers, if your arguments aren’t good enough to win over MPs (and in fact alienates more) then your rhetoric and threats are as potent as a guff in a hurricane. No amount of flatulent fawning and flattery by the Tory Party faithful over the summer has changed the arithmetic. We are mercifully back from silly season on Borisland to prosaic parliamentary reality.

We should congratulate the MPs who stood firm. Their courage has ensured we can now be confident that this country will be prevented from being dragged out by the No Deal zealots on 31st October.

There remains enormous work to do to ensure a People’s Vote is the ultimate outcome. But on the streets of Cardiff, across our nation and most importantly in Westminster tonight it’s a moment to recognise our Parliamentary Democracy is alive and well.

The Cummings Coup has (for now) been defeated.

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