Building Back Better

One of the proudest moments of my life was singing the Olympic Anthem at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony.  Being part of that event was a great privilege as it showcased the modern, outward-looking, engaged, thoughtful and successful nation that we are.  A bright future lay ahead.

The political failures that followed 2012 have been eclipsed by the monumental challenge we now face to rebuild following the coronavirus pandemic.

I have no doubt we can do it.  But let’s use this opportunity to reform and reshape our economy and society so that it addresses the challenge of climate change, break down the vested interests and put power back in the hands of citizens.

We need meaningful economic and constitutional reform in our country.  Radical change is required to put citizens and communities back at the heart of wealth-creation and decision-making.  If we can achieve that aim, I believe we can heal the divisions that have opened up in our communities and move forward to a more balanced and stable prosperity.

I want to hear the ideas that you have to achieve that goal, which is why I will be listening to you over the next few weeks.  Please get in touch by email, Facebook or Twitter.

An exciting future seemed possible – even likely – on that evening in London in 2012.  It is the job of politicians to listen to how we can recapture that narrative of unity, deliver on that promise, and I intend to make it a central part of my mission.

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