A Decade Fighting the Climate Emergency

I can remember my first science project when I started comprehensive school in 1991. It was to look at the way carbon dioxide caused the greenhouse effect.  I was no scientist (and am still not!) but the simple explanation of the insulating effect of CO2 and the resultant global warming made sense.  The more I thought about it the more illogical it seemed that we would voluntarily drive our species (and every other species on the planet) towards trying to survive in a hotter and hotter planet.   It seemed obvious to me that this should be something everyone would be trying to sort out.

I qualified as a solicitor in London in 2006, and realising I was now one of the people who had the responsibility to use my skills to find solutions, I started working in renewable energy in 2008.  Since then I have spent a decade working in different technologies within the clean tech and renewable energy sector, from innovative energy storage companies to large utilities delivering enormous offshore wind farms.  I moved out of the legal team in 2016 to work on the commercial and project management aspects of offshore wind projects for the company that has delivered a third of all of Wales’ renewable energy.

My passion for taking action on climate goes beyond my profession.  I have been campaigning for more investment in environmental technology and a green new deal since the noughties – my wife and I travelled to Copenhagen by train to protest at the Climate Summit in 2009.

In recent years I have been inspired by the achievements of campaign groups, NGOs and the renewables industry itself in raising the profile of the climate emergency, and promoting the need to act faster and more effectively to avert temperature increases of 1.5 degrees.  I’ve been particularly inspired by Greta Thunberg whose peaceful protest, eloquence and bravery has created a new generation of activists who will ensure that we keep up the fight for rapid climate action.  I was a part of the Liberal Democrat working group devising the party’s most recent policies intending that once in government, we can deliver exactly that.

As a citizen, activist or candidate protection of the environment and combating climate change will always be at the front and centre of my mission.


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