My Post-Election Message – Join Us to Start the Fightback!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout this campaign.  The full result was:

Ed Vaizey (Con) 31,092 53.3%
Stephen Webb (Lab) 9,343 16.0%
Alex Meredith (LD) 7,611 13.1%
Lee Upcraft (UKIP) 7,288 12.5%
Kate Prendergast (Grn) 2,986 5.1%

It was a disappointing result for me and my party, but I am very proud of the campaign we fought.  In particular I have tried to highlight key local issues, and focus on core liberal values of tolerance, unity and protection of the environment as well as offering the continued stability we have delivered over five years in government.

It has been a great inspiration and a privilege to stand for the wonderful communities of Wantage constituency as your candidate.  Here is my video message:

You can join the fightback by joining the Lib Dems here:

Thank you once again for all your support and encouragement.



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