Read My Election Address Here

My Election Address has started hitting doormats across Oxfordshire (thanks to the marvellous Royal Mail).

Some households will be receiving something else later in the campaign so I wanted to share the address here.  It sets out some of the key reasons to support me and the Liberal Democrats on May 7th.  It also offers a taste of my vision for Britain that I’d work to deliver as MP for Wantage, Didcot, Grove, Wallingford and Faringdon:

alex m 2

c. Al Cane

Dear Sir/Madam,

Back in 2010, Britain was on the brink of bankruptcy.  That’s why I’m proud that the Liberal Democrats went into government with the Conservatives in the national interest  to get our economy back on track.  That job is not finished.  The Liberal Democrats are committed to delivering a stronger economy by balancing the books by 2018. But beyond economic data, the question I want to focus on is what sort of country do you want to live in in 2020?I want to live in a country that has a strong economy, but not one that promotes austerity at any cost to its citizens.  I want to live in a society that is fair and looks after its most vulnerable.  I want to be proud of the vital services our country provides to its people and be confident that they are protected.  These are the values that the Liberal Democrats stand for.

Compare that to the Conservatives, who would make cuts to our schools and hospitals in order to reduce the deficit more quickly than is economically necessary.  Labour can’t win in this part of Oxfordshire so a vote for Labour will only help the Conservatives towards the majority they need to unleash their ideologically driven cuts agenda to fund tax-cuts for millionaires.

Rather than reducing the deficit on the backs of the poorest, the Liberal Democrats will continue to build a stronger economy in a fairer society.  We will cut Income Tax for workers across Oxfordshire, increase apprenticeships and protect pensions.  We will close the £8bn NHS funding gap and boost support for mental health treatment. We will increase provision of childcare and enhance support for the most disadvantaged children in early years. We will fight to protect our precious areas of natural beauty and support green jobs.

So, on 7th May, I need your help.  With your vote, we can make a change in Oxfordshire.  We can elect an MP who will make sure that the country we live in when we next go to the polls will be stronger and fairer.  We can elect an MP who will balance the books by 2018 without destroying our services. We can elect an MP who will live in the constituency and help build sustainable communities in Oxfordshire.

I have a bold vision for our community and our country.  Please support the Liberal Democrats on May 7th to help me deliver it.

Best wishes,

Alex Meredith
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Wantage, Didcot, Grove, Wallingford and Faringdon
Thanks to Al Cane for the pictures – all rights reserved.

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