Santa Pickles is Coming to Town

s300_Eric_Pickles_960x640After a four-and-a-half-year comedy turn as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles is thought to be beyond parody.  But today, full of the rosy-cheeked seasonal mirth of his girth-alike Father Christmas he came bearing a sackful of rejections of another three applications for wind farms (two against the planning inspector’s recommendation).  To those that think our planning system is run by local politicians or planning experts, Pickles has once again delivered his standard response: Ho, Ho, Ho!

So to celebrate the dawn of another bright day for the abuse of executive power I thought it might be appropriate to update a classic Christmas tune in Pickles’ honour:

You better not apply;
You better not appeal;
They’ll all be thrown out;
With his nimby-phile zeal;
Eric Pickles is planning your town [and country].

His views are prejudged;
His reasons are weak;
For thousands of green jobs;
The future looks bleak;
Eric Pickles is planning your town [and country].

He loves the power of office;
He knows that UKIP’s rife;
He only gives a stuff about planning law;
When it helps extends his political life.


If there’s a church on a hill;
A wren nesting near;
He’ll throw-out your plans;
Whilst Cameron cheers;
Eric Pickles is planning your town [and country].

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