Fighting for Sustainability and a Zero Carbon Future

DavePeople can get a bit fed up at this time of year – fed up with Winter, fed up with work, fed up with cutesie adverts trying to get you to part with your hard-earned cash.  Fear not, Dave is on your side.

Our benevolent leader, our friend in our time of need, our man-of-the-people Prime Minister, feels our pain.

Dave listens.  Dave gets it.  Dave knows we’re fed up.  So last week Dave gave voice to our frustrations and took our angst to one of the most important committees in Westminster – the Commons Liaison Committee.

Like every good citizen, I was delighted to hear that in-touch Dave had told MPs of our everyday struggles.

But after a closer look I was less pleased with Dave’s attempts to empathise with us little people.

Instead of taking the opportunity to proclaim the real injustices facing Britons today – low pay, inequality, Ben winning X Factor over Andrea – Dave had decided to vent the frustration of the nation on an issue that most people (including me) are not fed up with – onshore wind.

This was a pretty basic error.  He only has to look at the government’s polling evidence that shows 67% of the public support onshore wind to see how un-fed-up two thirds of the electorate are about onshore wind.  If he spoke to us himself before putting his bleeding heart before the select committee, he would have realised that not only do most people support wind power, they also have other priorities that they’d like the government to be saying ‘enough is enough’ to – child poverty or the stigmatisation of mental illness for example.   In fact, given that Dave’s big idea of halting onshore development and focusing purely on offshore will push up energy bills, I would expect that on hearing about Dave’s crusade against onshore wind, most people would be pretty fed up with Dave.

I know I am.

Here is a Conservative leader who offered the electorate the chance to ‘vote blue, get green’.  In that offer there was a hope that the Conservatives in government would support the development of a world-leading renewables industry to bring green jobs and growth to the UK.

Instead we have seen Cameron’s green credentials brushed away by the erratic strokes of his nervous backbenchers and their UKIP masters as they try to paint modern Britain into a scene from the 1950s.

After years of painstaking technological advances, and thanks to the Lib Dems taking charge of DECC under the coalition, the wind industry is supporting over 15,000 jobs in the UK.  Political posturing like the display from Cameron last week jeopardises those jobs by sending a negative message about the potential for future onshore wind development in the UK.  There is a valid discussion to be had about the level of subsidy for new onshore wind sites post 2020, but that discussion should not be prejudiced by a misrepresentation of the public’s views by the Prime Minister in a deceitful attempt to sure up support within his own party.

Dave needs to get the message that most people support onshore wind.  You can sign this petition to make that clear:

Dave also needs to understand that if the Conservatives want to take a political position on renewables – or any other matter – they should be honest about it, rather than proclaiming it falsely in our name.

Meanwhile Dave (in case you are reading) let me make it clear what I am fed up with – I’m fed up with you playing politics with renewable jobs.

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