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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Like a moth drawn to the flames of a candle when the clear bright moon beckons, some things can not help themselves.  So it is with the European Commission. On a day when the European Union should have been celebrating a strong package for emissions reductions and renewable energy to 2030, the headlines were stolen by a botched, bean-counter’s Brit bash.   A day to prove the value and ambition of the EU… Read More

Owen Paterson’s speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation last night was depressingly poor.   If it hadn’t been trailed so heavily in the press, I would have thought he had made it up on the spot.  In fact, Twitter revealed it was written by his brother-in-law Matt Ridley, the climate sceptic journalist (who also happens to be Lord Lawson (Chairman of GWPF)’s nephew).  So I guess it was always going to… Read More

UKIP has its first MP and looks set to get more.  This is good news for our democracy for a number of reasons.  I’ve set out my top five: 1.  UKIP is consistently polling around 20% and won the largest share of the vote in the most recent national election (the Euros).  A party with that level of support should have some say in our formal national politics.  It will also make… Read More

I know I’m in a minority of people who watch political speeches and amongst an even smaller number who get inspired by them.  To admit to being impressed by Nick Clegg puts me in a very narrow niche indeed. But despite being a little weary of the Glasgow conference I thoroughly enjoyed the leader’s speech. Clegg was clear, thoughtful and passionate.  He set out a vision of liberalism that was, to me… Read More

I received the news of the Scottish ‘No’ to independence on NRJ, the French pop radio station.  A scheduled news bulletin announcing that the painful divorce I had hoped that Scots would reject, sandwiched symbolically between bursts of Ed Sheeran and Emile Sande. Any pangs of disappointment at being on holiday for a monumental constitutional moment at home were tempered by the knowledge that (a) I had no say in the matter… Read More