Faringdon’s Worst Potholes

Faringdon’s roads are in a dreadful state.  They are dangerous for cyclists, and damaging to vehicles.  We are working hard to persuade Oxfordshire County Council to mend the holes in our roads.  Unfortunately OCC have told us that they are prioritising other parts of the county.  So there are no plans for work to be done in Faringdon in the near future.

To try and persuade OCC to do something in Faringdon, we want to find the worst potholes in Faringdon.

We are gathering pictures which we will send to OCC .   We hope OCC will listen to a clear message that we want investment in our roads and remember that Faringdon is as important as any part of the county – we deserve proper roads just as much as anyone else in Oxfordshire!

Here is my pick of some of the worst examples we’ve found so far……

Park Road:










PRGW3PRGW2PRGW1Southampton Street:


SSCPGW1 Gloucester Street:

GSGW1 Coxwell Street:


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