Working for a Sustainable Faringdon

LibDemsFaringdon Lib Dems are getting to work to ensure we have a Sustainable Faringdon.

That means:

i) a Sustainable level of Housing Development;

ii) delivering Sustainable Transport options;

iii) supporting local businesses to build a Sustainable Local Economy;

iv) Ensuring that there is a Sustainable provision of Public Services to meet our community’s needs.

We’ll be meeting at 7:30pm on 19th February at the Portwell in Faringdon  to discuss how we might deliver these objectives and others.

Come and join us if you would like to take part.

We are, as always, optimistic about creating a Sustainable Faringdon.

Sadly, indications this week show a distinct lack of support for a Sustainable Faringdon from our elected Tory representatives:

– in a meeting with local residents, Tory Oxfordshire County Councillor, Judith Heathcoat made clear that in three years, she has secured zero budget for delivering the Faringdon Transport Strategy.

– Tory District Councillors are unable to offer any transparency over the funding for community projects being discussed with developers of the Fernham Fields application.

– an email from Ed Vaizey (Tory MP for Wantage, Didcot & Faringdon) described the idea of a train station in Vale of White Horse as a ‘difficult call’.

So, plenty of work to do.  But we are keen to get started! Join us on 19th February to find out how we can combat this complacency and help deliver a Sustainable Faringdon.

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