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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Faringdon’s roads are in a dreadful state.  They are dangerous for cyclists, and damaging to vehicles.  We are working hard to persuade Oxfordshire County Council to mend the holes in our roads.  Unfortunately OCC have told us that they are prioritising other parts of the county.  So there are no plans for work to be done in Faringdon in the near future. To try and persuade OCC to do something in Faringdon,… Read More

Against an uncertain political and regulatory back-drop it has been difficult to finance and build established renewable plant like wind turbines, let alone bring new ideas and entrants to the renewable energy market.  There has long been talk of tidal being a ‘game-changing’ technology, yet with so much uncertainty no one has had the brains or the bottle to bring a scheme to planning. That, if nothing else, makes the Tidal Lagoon… Read More

Faringdon Lib Dems are getting to work to ensure we have a Sustainable Faringdon. That means: i) a Sustainable level of Housing Development; ii) delivering Sustainable Transport options; iii) supporting local businesses to build a Sustainable Local Economy; iv) Ensuring that there is a Sustainable provision of Public Services to meet our community’s needs. We’ll be meeting at 7:30pm on 19th February at the Portwell in Faringdon  to discuss how we might… Read More