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Monthly Archives: October 2013

David Cameron is a cowardly prime minister.    Watching his performance at PMQs on Wednesday was embarrassing.  When he announced he would be ‘rolling back the green levies’ it was like watching a school play in which a child is suddenly overwhelmed and promptly wets himself on stage. We have seen this sort of policy incontinence before.  Who can forget that a slightly smaller puddle was found on the House of Commons… Read More

Today’s announcement that Hinkley C has been given the green light is good news.   We will still need base-load power in the 2020s and nuclear is the cleanest and most reliable source of those precious electrons. The trouble is that it’s late.  Very late.  All the projections suggest that 2015-20 will be a difficult period for UK power capacity.  By 2020 it is hoped that energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable and… Read More