The green economy has come of age: now let’s give it the statistics it deserves

The Green Economy has grown 5% in the past financial year and steady, sustainable growth is predicted to continue. The sector employs nearly a million people in the UK. These are reasons to be proud, and optimistic but as this Green Alliance blog illustrates we need to analyse the data on the Green Economy more thoroughly to understand and capitalise on this sector and to maintain our position amongst world leading green economies.

Inside track

Green economy2This post by Green Alliance’s chief economist Julian Morgan first appeared on BusinessGreen.

Visit the ONS website and you will find many interesting statistics, but perhaps not the ones that you are looking for. Last week I stumbled across a very salient example. Under the heading “manufacture of measuring, testing and navigating equipment” you can find monthly data on the average earnings of those making watches and clocks. Indeed, I noticed that they seem to be doing rather well, as provisional estimates suggest their pay rose 3.6 per cent in the year to March 2013.

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