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Monthly Archives: August 2013

This week has shown the British Parliament at its most effective.  Faced with a decision on military intervention in Syria, MPs overruled the Government and withdrew support for action.  For those who had written off MPs, this was a week for a reassessment.  Next week could be another opportunity to celebrate our representatives. MPs will have an opportunity on Monday to debate the recommendations of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group which… Read More

A major summit on the Low-Carbon Energy Sector in Wales has just been announced. The event will be co-hosted by Wales in London and Eversheds on Tuesday 15th October 2013 at Eversheds’ London Office. The Sec of State for Wales, the Rt Hon David Jones MP will deliver a keynote opening address. Places will be strictly limited – get your tickets in advance from the Wales in London website.

Poll after poll the data has shown that the UK’s switch to clean electricity chimes with the  public.  Here are the latest figures published this month: 65% in favour of continuing support for the wind industry. 76% in favour of financial support for tidal power; and 79% in favourable to continued support for solar power. The survey was produced by YouGov for the Sunday Times, which has taken the temperature of public… Read More

The UK is a world leader in the offshore wind industry.  We have over three gigawatts of capacity already installed with the government expecting to increase capacity to 18GWs by 2030.  We host the world’s largest project (London Array) and just this week we opened the world’s second largest project –  Greater Gabbard – which is also the furthest offshore. Of the top twelve offshore wind farms by installed capacity, eight of… Read More

Originally posted on Inside track:
This post by Green Alliance’s chief economist Julian Morgan first appeared on BusinessGreen. Visit the ONS website and you will find many interesting statistics, but perhaps not the ones that you are looking for. Last week I stumbled across a very salient example. Under the heading “manufacture of measuring, testing and navigating equipment” you can find monthly data on the average earnings of those making watches and…