Buy Your Dad a Share of the Energy Revolution

Did you forget to send a Father’s Day gift?

Fathers_DayFear not, I have the very thing.  This brilliant idea could save you from a year of repentance and might even win a few brownie points for financial prudence (a highly valued skill in the eyes of all Dads).

Instead of rushing to dispatch a flimsy token, this gift will make a real difference to a London community, and might just provide a nice little earner:

Get your Dad some shares in Brixton Energy Solar 3!!

An investment in BES 3 will:

i)   help fund a 52.5kW solar energy project and help drive the community energy revolution;

ii)  help provide paid work experience for youngsters in a deprived area of London;

iii) help fund education and support for families to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

It’s also a gift that will keep giving; the projected return on investment is just over 4% (rising to 6% if the old man qualifies for tax relief under seed enterprise investment scheme)!  The investment is in a co-operative so the shareholder gets an equal say in how BES3 is run, including how much of a pay-out the shareholders are entitled to each year.

Unless your Dad happens to live on the Roupell Park Estate in Brixton, you will need to stump up at least £250 to get him started as an energy revolutionary.  Admittedly it’s a bit more than a Ryder Cup DVD, but it’s half the price of an iphone and think of all the lifts, the help with homework and the sage advice….

bes3images BES 3 is (as the name suggests) the third solar scheme launched by the team behind Brixton Energy – Repowering London.  The first two have already produced 50,000kWh of community-owned renewable energy in Brixton.   Their ambition is to energise communities and help them take back control of their power supply across the capital and beyond.


Ed Davey and Greg Barker with the Repowering team on 6th June 2013

So important is the project, that Sec of State Ed Davey and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker chose Brixton to launch their consultation on the government’ entire strategy on community energy; you can watch Ed Davey say it in his own words on DECC’s Youtube Channel.

So buy shares for your Dad, buy shares for yourself and tell your friends to do the same.  A community led energy revolution is finally underway in the UK  – and the wonderful people at Repowering London are leading the way.

The share offer for BES 3 is only open for 28 days; don’t delay,  BUY NOW!

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