£1bn Says DECC Understands Need to Address Power Demand

home_energy_efficiency_scheme£1bn Says DECC Understands Need to Address Power Demand

The Independent has reported that the government is planning to put up £1bn to improve the UK’s energy efficiency.  The news comes after David Cameron reasserted the government’s pledge to be the ‘greenest ever’ in a major speech that was overshadowed by the guilty plea of Chris Huhne this week.

If true the fund will be a major step forward for two reasons:

i) after a series of confused and compromised measures to deal with the UK’s energy supply, this move, along with the launch of the Green Deal, shows that DECC is focusing on the demand side of the energy equation.   The UK has enormous potential to improve its efficiency and reduce its energy needs.  If we can succeed it will mean fewer big power stations, lower bills and lower emissions.

ii)  It shows that the PM’s speech was not just spin and will be backed by some additional cash.  In this age of austerity, when we hear senior politicians make commitments it is right that we are suspicious about whether there is really going to be any action.  If this story is correct we can expect that a major energy efficiency drive will be forthcoming backed by a meaningful investment.

Reasons to be cheerful.

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