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Monthly Archives: January 2013

High profile Conservatives (including the Chancellor and the Energy minister John Hayes) spent most of 2012 trying to undermine and diminish the UK’s already doubtful commitment to building a  green economy.   Whether is was vetoing decarbonisation targets in the Energy Bill or publicly criticising proven renewable technologies, the dog whistle politics of backing industry or countryside lobbies over environmental concerns was too tempting to resist.  By the end of the year Tory… Read More

Politicians and sceptics have hailed 2012 as the year the global carbon market finally croaked its last.    However the latest report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance paints a more nuanced picture and offers a more positive perspective. While BNEF’s data shows the absolute value of the global carbon market  transactions plunged 36% last year as European Union prices fell and United Nations emission credits dropped to record lows, transaction volumes across the… Read More

I have just become a father for the first time.  For the past fortnight I have been reveling in the excitement of parenthood and counting my many blessings.  It’s a cliche, but it truly has been the most magical time of my life. Including the nappies. Switching our baby onto real nappies has given me a way to make the dirty part of fatherhood cleaner, economical and maybe just a little bit… Read More