Green Revolution comes to Aberthaw

Green Revolution comes to Aberthaw

Grey is the new Green

A Curious Symbiosis of Grey and Green

Big news from RWE that they have started Carbon Capture and Storage at their coal-fired power station at Aberthaw!

The numbers are small, but this could be the start of something very exciting.  Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the game-changing technology that could dramatically impact our ability to slow or partially prevent catastrophic climate change.

Estimates suggest that there is space for 1000s of gigatonnes of CO2 beneath our oceans.  If we accept that the coal and gas-fired power capacity around the world will be burning for some years yet, CCS is essential to managing our emissions.

The bad news is it is expensive and unproven on a large scale.  Therefore despite set-backs on government funding and the difficulty of the current economic climate RWE and Shell should be congratulated for getting the Aberthaw project to this stage.

A great Welsh clean-tech story that should put Aberthaw on the map!

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