Davey’s Doha Delivery

With in-trays still jammed with the Energy Bill and a big announcement on gas expected today, energy policy-makers have had a busy week domestically.  Now to take on the rest of the world….

Ed Davey arrived in Doha today with optimism thin on the ground.  A comprehensive deal seems as remote as ever and his  ability to exercise as much influence as his predecessor in pushing negotiations forward was considered doubtful.

Yet unpacking the UK’s pledge on Climate Finance on his arrival this morning was a good way to start.  Moving first was tactically astute.  Davey is a newcomer to these vast summits and most delegates will barely be familiar with the UK prime minister, let alone energy and climate secretary.  The provision of fast-start finance is supported across the board so there can be no negative spin on the announcement, nor has there been any.  Capturing the headlines in this way gets positive press for the UK as a leader on climate, and will ensure Davey is remembered as someone who delivers.   For a short while at least, Davey will be feted in the desert.

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