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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The FT broke the story, but Damian Carrington at the Guardian has put it in clearest context.  The blocking of the appointment of David Kennedy as the new permanent secretary to DECC is an extraordinary intervention by a Prime Minister.  It shows a leader so desperate to undermine the progressive moves by DECC to support green growth that he will resort to naked exercise of his prerogative to veto a transparent recruitment… Read More

In a year when ‘omnishambles’ took all the laurels for new political vocabulary my personal favourite is the ‘energy trilemma’.  How does a government in a country of fully privatised energy sector keep the lights on, keep energy affordable and reduce carbon emissions.  During a successful and popular period at DECC,  Ed Miliband was keenly aware of the trilemma.  Yet he treated it like decorating the spare room – a lot time… Read More

There is a depressing lack of imagination to Nick Boles’ proposed solution to our housing problems.  Essentially it boils down to ‘build more‘.  The only nuance in the argument as far as I can tell is that we need to make houses prettier.  This reminds me of the RAC’s argument for building more roads – it’ll be fine, as long as they are well routed. Both arguments fail to address the fundamental causes… Read More

Tony Blair arrived back in the UK to thrust his well worn stick into another bee’s nest issue over the weekend – this time Europe.  I hope our leaders were listening.  Blair’s cosy relationship with Europe may not have been the handbag swinging that would have pleased everyone, but it is the right way to ensure the UK’s voice was heard in our biggest trading block.   Blair is bringing the right… Read More

Trying to thrash out a climate deal in a city built on oil and gas is like debating drugs policy in Afghanistan.   That is; a good idea.   The sight of a few LNG vessels pulling away to deliver vital gas supplies around the developed world should bring a touch of realism to proceedings.  But there is unlikely to be any day-dreaming of grandstanding this year in any case.  Europe has made clear… Read More